Are You Depleting Your Calcium With Medication?

Medication may be necessary to avert health disaster, but meds for the most popular conditions deplete essential minerals like calcium.

Meds have become a function of everyday life for many, so common they are taken for granted. The word “common” is not, however, synonymous with “normal” by any means. As a matter of fact, drugs and medicine are actually poisons to the body; poisons which are not a normal function of life.

Any drug or toxin is going to have many effects on the body. The body itself reacts to these in various ways differing only by the chemical itself and in what quantity it is ingested.

Perhaps the most relevant of these is a depletion of minerals, especially calcium, one of the first to deplete.

What’s your poison?

Medicine, while it has many applications, tends to go overlooked as an unnatural substance to the body, no matter the criticalness of its use. Drugs are actually a poison as far as the body is concerned, prescribed or not.

As such, the body responds as it does to any poison. It reacts, not only in various, but numerous ways. There is no one single effect. All, however, are the body’s reaction to the toxin. It so happens that, sometimes, one benefit is experienced among the host of adverse effects.

Alleviating your condition is actually a side-effect of the drug you are taking.

Take an example of getting poisoned by a household substance such as cleaning fluid, rat poison or the like. These behave rather in the same way as would any drug. It has a host of “effects” on the body.

Considering someone poisoned by some toxin, one benefit could have happened. Perhaps a destructive bacteria was killed in the process. Unfortunately, the poison may have killed the patient too.

Did your doctor recommend a supplement while you are on medication?

Doctors are constantly recommending supplementation of some vitamin or mineral. This is based on the “side-effect” premise. While a patient’s medication lowers his cholesterol or blood pressure, it may also deplete his calcium, magnesium or other mineral or vitamin to minor or severe deficiency, causing a host of other problems.

Here are toxin-created deficiencies and attempted alleviation of their affects with supplements.

What minerals and vitamins get depleted from what medications?

Pick your condition. Pick any medication. Read its label and see the side effects. Google “drugs that deplete ____” and find a host of them.

Diabetes meds, for instance deplete magnesium and close to a dozen others. Ulcer drugs deplete calcium, along with several other minerals and a few vitamins too.

These are all the effects of ingesting toxins, no matter their intended use.

How can a medication for a condition cause or perpetuate the condition itself?

Magnesium is a perfect example. Magnesium is essential, among other things, to regulate blood sugar. Diabetes meds, however, often deplete magnesium. Critical supplementation is therefore required.

The answers to this are as numerous as are the numbers of vitamins and minerals multiplied times the number of medications dreamed up to “treat” conditions. It’s all relative in the end.

A supplement by any other name…

The body has certain processes and medications, toxins, poisons (and even poorly-made supplements) can disrupt them. While there are many “leading brands” of supplements recommended by doctors, all are not equal. Calcium itself has many forms. Taken in incorrect ratio to other minerals such as magnesium, not only will the depletion persist, it can exacerbate the condition.

This is one of the numerous reasons Instant CalMag-C is laboratory-formulated the way it is. It is based upon the body’s function and processes themselves and is designed to work with, not against them.

Make sure that if you have to take meds, you know the effects of the drug which are detrimental, especially depletion, and make absolutely certain you get the right forms of minerals in supplement.

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