Are Headaches Stopping You?

A lot of attention is placed on vitamins and not enough on minerals. ALL the cells in your body depend on minerals as they are the spark plugs of your body.If you have enough minerals, your body can manufacture most vitamins it needs.

Working, exercising, playing, walking, even working or driving in air-conditioned spaces cause the burn-up or excretion of minerals which can cause dehydration.

Drinking tons of liquids – even water – and still unable to quench your thirst is a sure sign that you are dehydrated, probably not from lack of liquid but from the lack of minerals. 

Drinking carbonated things like colas, beer etc worsens the problem as carbonation lowers the pH making the drink even more acidic and, worse still, it leaches the minerals out of your body. The shift of pH and leaching aggravate and can be the cause of the dehydration problem.

To start with, colas are made from phosphoric acid which has a pH of somewhere around 2. It’s like vinegar before they dump all the sugar in to make it sweet. That “bite” you get in the back of your throat is the acid of the cola.

My purpose is not to stop anyone from drinking their colas but to bring to attention the effects they create in your body and why you are drinking and drinking and drinking – and still remain thirsty.

The stress this places on your adrenals is enormous – not only from the dehydration but also from the sugar. Sugar compounds the dehydration even more as it acts like a diuretic.

Dehydration is a major source of headaches as the moisture and electrolytic balance go totally out of whack. If it is a source of your headaches, the solution is simple and testing it is simple. Here’s how it works.

Salt and potassium work on either side of your body’s cells to maintain the moisture balance of your body – you do need salt! If they’re out of balance, you can experience headaches, body pains, tiredness, irritation, kidney pain and many other symptoms. A complete depletion can even cause heart failure as your muscles need this mineral, along with calcium and magnesium to help your heart to function.

A good idea is to always have a supply of salt, potassium and cell salts with you – in your car, in your purse, at home, at the office. Ask about our Sweat Packs.

Along with these minerals, another two vital minerals are calcium and magnesium. These two minerals need to have the proper pH to be absorbed by your body. Taking them without this proper balance can lead to calcium being deposited in your joints, kidneys (stones) and other places. Your body can’t use calcium unless it has magnesium in the proper balance of 2 parts calcium to 1 part magnesium. If your body is low on magnesium, it will just draw it from your bones and other body parts so it can utilize the calcium. If there’s not enough, the calcium deposits.

If your body draws on its magnesium supplies, this just increases and worsens deficiencies.

Make sure you get enough minerals, especially salt, potassium, calcium and magnesium.

Please note, there are other minerals your body can’t survive without but this is data about these four minerals. If you wish to get more data about other nutrients for your body, please write to

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor so please check with your medical doctor before embarking on any nutritional regimen. Of course, make sure your doctor isn’t a drug man. If he is not willing to look into nutritional deficiencies, find another doctor.

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