Allergies Have Some Nerve!

While allergies are best-addressed via a variety of complementary disciplines, one cause, often neglected, could easily be checked and spotted: blockage to nerve energy flow.

It is nevertheless true that allergic reactions can occur for a variety of reasons, yet nerve blockage, left undiscovered and untreated, can be the difference between remedy and exacerbation of the allergy symptoms themselves.

For this reason, a good physical examination of the body is key, conducted by specialists who understand how nerve energy works and how to regenerate it when it diminishes.

Sensitivity to allergens can be a symptom of 2 types of stress.

Testament to the likelihood of allergy symptoms relating to reduced nerve energy flow is the fact that the human body is subjected to, constantly, two types of stress:

1. Physical (external influences) 2. Chemical (chemicals taken internally)

Both forms could cause or assist the development of disease in the body, impinging as they do on the body’s delicate structure.

Immune system, nerves, stress: it’s all connected…

Energy travels along nerves, powered mainly by the minerals calcium and magnesium, thus connecting the brain and body. Connections are made and messages are sent and received. The body functions.

A physical barrier, such as a displaced spine interrupting neighboring nerves, or a chemical one, as in depleting calcium or magnesium needed to drive energy flow, can interrupt nerves controlling the immune system, causing trouble with immunity. Allergies become all but inevitable.

Why is allergy medication not a long-term solution, if a solution at all?

First understand what medication basically does: it treats symptoms.

Whether sinusitis, sneezing, itchy eyes, asthma or any other allergic reaction, a medication would certainly provide relief, yet would not be strengthening, repairing or correcting the immune system. In fact, medication is a form of chemical stress on the body, being a foreign substance, a fact which can make it worsen the very condition it is intended to treat.

It is for this reason it is no long-term fix. It simply leaves one to “live with” the condition.

How do you repair physical nerve blockages? Ask a chiropractor.

Commonly-displaced from moderate stress to major trauma, here hides a historically-overlooked culprit of allergy suffering: spinal misalignment. Nerves surrounding the spine are a veritable switchboard carrying signals to the entire body, each branch connecting a corresponding system such as the immune. Irritated by displaced vertebrae, nerve flow becomes blocked and such systems can malfunction.

Chiropractors detect and treat this very condition.

What pushes the energy along the nerves? Calcium and Magnesium.

Regardless of structural components, the energy must flow. Here is where the minerals calcium and magnesium come into play.

A tandem action achieved between these two minerals creates a flow of electricity along nerves. Adequately-supplied, and nerves un-blocked, this works ideally. In absence or deficiency, however, there is little or no function. Here is a major source of trouble with the immune system. It becomes fairly obvious how oddities such as allergies could hence occur.

Is all calcium and magnesium the same?

Calcium takes on many forms, as does magnesium. Yet getting the correct forms is not enough.

Supplementing these minerals is one of the trickiest balancing acts going. For they require a special ratio and specific acidity to even be of any benefit. The margin for error is, itself, slim, as if any component is even slightly off, the minerals become worthless rocks which, inevitably, will form deposits.

Instant CalMag-C takes all of these principles into account in a laboratory-formulated combination of precise forms and ratios of calcium and magnesium, in a properly-acidic environment to make a fast-absorbing supplement which is immediately usable by the body with a noticeable difference.

Suffering with allergies and allergic symptoms is tough enough, let alone living with them season in and season out. With a little investigating, however, perhaps a more permanent solution is at hand.

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