After Dinner Snooze a Summary of all of Life for Some…

What do Thanksgiving dinner after-effects say about you?

I’m stuffed!

I think I’ll lie down on the couch for a bit and relax. Maybe watch some football.

An hour and a half later, you awake, just in time for dessert and the second half of the game.

This all-too-typical after-meal snooze has become so common as to seem normal, but does it say something deeper about you? Can it tell of your existing state of wellness and of states to come in the future?

Caused largely by carb consumption, it may be chalked up to a “once-a-year” thing. But it may also be an exaggeration of year-round issues and these can compound over the ensuing years unless you are doing this one thing that makes it a Happy Thanksgiving EVERY year.

Yes, feasting can be as fun as the game on TV if you know the rules of the Thanksgiving Dinner Table!

On the inside, are you built for speed or sluggishness?

No this is not to suggest you are not athletic. It isn’t even to say that you are not up to snuff on basic fitness. It is something a little more internal.

This is a commentary on basic metabolism.

While your metabolism is affected by your food intake (especially the highest-carb day of the year), there is one thing that can affect it even more: overall functional support.

This has a couple of elements which are pretty obvious but which nearly everyone consistently overlooks.

And for this they pay a dear price. Not to dampen holiday joy, but the after-dinner nap is often a reflection of this and deserves a closer look.

Your after dinner nap may be an indicator of poor metabolism unless you’re doing this…

Your body requires certain things but, overall, must support the two most important of all: structure and function.

No matter what you do, what you eat, how you exercise or even diet, if what you are doing does not build support and repair structure and fuel the base functions of the organs and body systems, your efforts are wasted.

Structurally, your body has a set design. Many think a fit body is aesthetic only. But its blueprint, evolved over many thousands of years, has its purpose which is to support the other (often neglected) component of function.

Ancestrally, this predates the American Pilgrims by millennia!

Function seems more obvious but can also become confused.

When you care for your body and tend to it, for better or worse, neglecting these two functions not only is just random, but can be doing great harm over time.

Knowing why it is designed the way it is structurally and what its functions do and how they occur gives us all we need to know (without needing doctorate degree in anatomy or anthropology) about not only how to care for it, but how to keep it at its optimum.

There are many indicators, positive and negative, that these are indeed occurring. Which type of signal is your post-dinner-couch-snooze do you think?

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What does your snooze after dinner say about you, really?

Not to be a spoil-sport, but if you’re snoozing to football after the big meal, it can tell a much larger story, one which started long before dinner.

In fact, it likely started long before MANY dinners over the many years of your life.

Structurally and functionally, your body has a specific form and position it should conform to in order to face the activities it does every day. Whether it’s taking a shower or showering the kids with attention, going for a run or running around doing errands, the structure and function care for all of it and so enable you.

And the condition of these two determines how well (or poor) you can operate


Most people who go into that “Thanksgiving Coma” have a bit of a history with structural and functional deficiencies.

Your posture, for instance, shows if your basic structure is cared for. But who cares anyway if we “slouch on the couch” a little or slump over our workstation?

The significance is that your basic blueprint accounts for total support of function. For things to function properly, they are designed to hold your insides in a certain position.

In other words, your insides are not just a bunch of turkey stuffing to just “fill the cavity” and give flavor, but a coordinated system which has a certain job to do. This is function at its most basic.

Beyond that, your systems must function properly. Whether or not they are in proper position is only half of the proposition.

You must support them properly with diet, nutrition, exercise and other activities which give the body what it needs.

Thanksgiving dinner is one meal, but if it is indicative of many meals, it can be an indicator of a larger issue. Similarly, if this comatose state is NOT typical, and you are an amazing eater in life, if the structure does not support the function, none of it matters.

Malfunction, common as it is, puts real, optimum function to sleep! This is what a nap on the couch can indicate on the longer term and in view of a broader spectrum of personal care.

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After dinner naps can be a prediction of all life and your future unless you do this one thing…

One thing can’t be stated enough. FUNCTION is natural. MALFUNCTION is UNNATURAL. Commonality has nothing to do with it. Malfunction may be common (or even popular in this day and age) but it is not normal in any way.

Learn how your body is built and how it works. This is a study of structure and function. If you know the basics of these, you will be able to understand when things break down as to why it happened and what to do about it.

When structure breaks down, whether because of poor habits or by nutrition, it will show up in basic posture. If things are “off” then posture will be unnatural-looking, no mater what caused it. You will know that either bad habits or poor nutritional support (or both) are to blame.

When function breaks down you get SYMPTOMS. This is beyond just sluggishness, tiredness and sleepiness after dinner. This can range from headaches to digestive issues, aches and pains to not being able to tolerate sitting for long periods or stiffness and exhaustion too.

Even anxiousness, depressed stints, moodiness and the like are indicators that something isn’t right.

What can you do knowing about the proper way your body is structured and functions? Check your posture, your habits and your nutrition. See if you are supporting or working against these and you’ll start to see it clearly.

Don’t just base this on one meal a year, but the entire year round. And don’t just base it on this past year, bas as it’s been, but all the years of your life up to now.

These things don’t happen in one meal or in one year. It is years of wear and tear, stress, poor habits, traumas and the like which cause it.

No one is grateful or thankful for these things and so they get buried in memory and their significance therefore lessened! This is the real enemy. Better self-awareness is what is needed to change the trend!

Put your own personal timeline together and see.

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What do calcium and magnesium have to do with it?

Not much really. Just EVERYTHING!

From your metabolism to your blood sugar and blood pressure regulation, from your metabolism to your sleep cycles, these two power minerals work in tandem to fuel over 300 body functions each!



As you can surmise, their deficiency can wreak havoc. What’s more is that overeating, junk food and excess carb consumption and many other regular habits account for plummeting mineral levels leading to dehydration which further exacerbates the issues.

So even if you are “getting sufficient calcium and magnesium” in your diet, they can still show up as a deficiency.

It is therefore paramount to supplement them. And a paramount supplement indeed is drinkable, Instant CalMag-C!

Instant CalMag-C supplement beverage mix is formulated to give the body calcium and magnesium in the forms and ratio it needs them according to how it absorbs and utilizes them. They are in a form which the body can absorb instantly and put to use immediately, which can mean everything when they are deficient.

So give yourself and your loved ones something personal to be thankful for this Thanksgiving. Drink Instant CalMag-C and see just how thankful you will be.

Your body and your future will thank you!

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