Advancement Opportunities: 3 Odd Tips to Create Them

Look around. People want to improve their lot, especially at work. While there are plenty of advancement opportunities, they are not always apparent. And, when they come around, they are not there for long. Competition can be fierce. Just as the early bird gets the worm, however, so does the one who is best prepared get the best opportunities first. Career advancement advice is everywhere with tips, tricks and hacks galore. Most of it dealing with interview skills and the like.

But what about your physical preparedness and mental alertness for this task? Do these come into play? Here are 3 odd tips that would suggest that they do.

Be physically up for the task

While much of the emphasis is on mental and intellectual factors, physical aspects are fundamental. If you are stressed physically, it can be difficult to get through a routine work day, much less plan for advancement opportunities. One of the foremost elements of this is sleep.

Getting 8 hours of sleep can, in fact, make all the difference in pay grade and status. It has been proven to influence cognitive function at work. Without it, mental alertness is dulled. We must be mentally alert and focused to seize opportunities for advancement, nail that interview and crush it in the new position once we get it.

Stay distraction-free, focus is key…

This is easier said than done in many ways. The very job you do now may have its share of distractions. It is your handling of these factors, however, that determines your skill, ability and value to the company. On the other hand, if you suffer from aches, pains, tension or other physical factors, these can be hindering your productivity. And lets face it, competition-wise, there is little tolerance for weakness of any kind. You’ve got to be that complete package. Handling problems with general health, such as getting massages, Chiropractic care or nutritional coaching, can pay dividends in job advancement. When you feel great, you are free of distraction and ready to take on the task.

Keep calm and ace more interviews!

To be blunt, many people choke on the interview process. It happens. No matter how much we prepare, sometimes the nervousness kicks in anyway. Though we may be the best candidate for the job, advancement opportunities can be missed by botching the interview. Nervousness isn’t solely mental, however. It can have physical aspects too. The mineral magnesium, for instance, is key to keeping calm. It is nature’s sedative in many ways, even helping with sleep. With proper magnesium levels, a calm relaxed state is yet possible.

How to create your own advancement opportunities

The best way to find the most ideal advancement opportunities is to create them yourself. This is done simply by becoming a shining example of an ideal employee. Yes, hard work is key. Intelligence, skill and knowing your job are essential. Producing a fine product is paramount. But being sharp and focused depends upon these more basic functions. Staying physically fit and alert with proper sleep and nutrition, keeping pain and other distractions to a minimum and remaining calm, are 3 factors which support the rest.

Magnesium can help with all 3 factors. Being responsible for more than 300 body processes, it can keep you physically functioning. Being a natural relaxant, it can keep your muscles relaxed and pain-free and keep you calm for that big interview or pitch to the boss. Instant CalMag-C provides a fast way to get that magnesium you need and supplies you with essential calcium and vitamin C to boot. Try it today and see what advancement opportunities it may open up for you. It may be the best suited for the job!

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