Activity, Fitness & Sports Injuries Happen, But Did You Have It Coming?

Injuries from being active are so common they seem normal. But could they have been prevented?

Everything we know is what we see. And, it is rather obvious that these things happen, even when reasonable precaution is taken.

But what about what we DON’T see? Are there hidden factors that could possibly “set one up for the fall” so to speak?

It sums up in a word: predisposition!

When the perfect harmony of function that is the human body gets thrown off balance, even if insidiously, its defenses are lessened and proneness to injury can occur.

Knowing this, however, puts prediction and even prevention of injury squarely within the realm of possibility.

Did you really have it coming?

Don’t misunderstand. No one deserves injuries of any kind.

Injuries are a drag and, through they may seem it, are not necessarily a fact of life.

But what about this disposition? Can you really be prone to an injury? Is it your destiny?

Logically speaking, improper balance provides a rather obvious answer.

If, for example, you were to set a tire off balance on your car, it is easy to see how, whether or not you knew about the imbalance, you are in for a rough ride.

It is obvious that a flat tire, or worse, is imminent.

Should a wire inside a wall become frayed and decayed, a short or even a fire may be in the immediate future, unbeknownst to the homeowner.

Similarly, if imbalances occur in the many synchronous systems of the body, adverse effects could be right around the corner.

So what could possibly go wrong? The answer is simple..

Were the most common injuries “planned” from the start?

While we don’t consciously plan to get injured, and whereas we can be quite vigilant about our health and wellness, sometimes our lack of knowledge can work against us, lack of knowledge about the human body no exception.

When we speak of balance, we think “symmetry” which is definitely part of it. But there is much more to it.

With the delicate balance of the abundance of body functions working in tandem at any given moment, accounting for the most menial of tasks and functions, imbalance can occur rather easily, if insidiously, escaping our notice.

How can body “imbalance” make us destined for injury?

While the car and electrical analogies used here serve for better understanding, it is probably best to know how they occur in the body.

Imbalances can be structural. The basic human frame is perfect according to nature’s blueprint and when it sets off balance, can be prone to attack from environmental factors.

Fallen arches, a crooked spine, bone degeneration and the like can make injuries all but guaranteed.

Chemistry is all about balance, and the chemistry of the body follows its rules. When you speak of “balanced nutrition” or a “balanced diet” you are talking about more than food choices. You are indicating the actual chemical requirements of the body in exact portion and ratio. Set these off and one can become ill, weakened or, yes, injured.

Emotionally, over-stress, over-thinking and overwhelm can weaken ones defenses too.

Whether individually or in combination, these provide a veritable welcome mat for injury.

Is there anything we can do about it?

Balance is key. Pursuing it is paramount. Achieving it is yet another story.

It is actually quite simple and only becomes complex in ratio to the lack of understanding of basic body function. Understanding that, and taking actions based on it, is a way to provide an

increasing degree of “insurance” and shield against injury.

Yes, some injury can not be prevented, but its severity and recovery length can be greatly lessened in the presence of balance.

Top 2 champion “balance-makers”…

You guessed it: calcium and magnesium.

These basic minerals are so vital. The body depends on them for literally HUNDREDS of functions and processes. They are part of the body chemistry required for healthy, stress-free relaxed muscles that are ready for action at a moment’s notice.

If the muscles and frame are off balance, think of the possibilities for potential trouble down the road. It doesn’t require a far stretch of the imagination to comprehend!

But not just any calcium and magnesium will do. And a willy-nilly combination will have little effect. There are precise and specific requirements not only for their combination but absorption into the body and its use of them too.

Get the combination wrong and it’s just rocks. And, last time you checked, rocks probably gave you nothing but trouble. Conditions such as arthritis and the like are evidence of this.

Instant CalMag-C gets the precision combination just right and is absorbed not only effectively, but instantly too. It’s like “liquid balance” when it comes to delivering the body’s mineral requirements and goes right to work, fast!

Try it today as part of your injury prevention and total function support program and see if you may be able to better control your “destiny”!

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