A Winning Sports Attitude Is Not Enough



Winning is the science of being totally prepared.” — George Allen, third winningest NFL football coach percentage (.681), behind Vince Lombardi (.736) and John Madden (.731)


Sports Fever

Sports fever crosses all continental boundaries and is focused on games that can result in only one winner.  However, regardless of whether our favorite teams come out on top or not, during brief spans of time Man’s diversity of cultures share one common reality: the spirit of play.  With his differences set aside by sports, Man wins and is able to rise above what displaces and separates Mankind from its universal, native spirituality.


Sport teaches that all peoples can find solutions to adversities by working together.  Yet, sport does break down to individual effort, to doing one’s best with what talents and resources one possesses. Desire to win, however, alone is not enough to win consistently.  A winning sports attitude is not enough.


The Winning Combination

Athletes must have willing and workable instruments to play with – bodies in optimum shape and health.  To attain and maintain optimum conditioning an athlete’s body needs a higher daily intake that most people of, among other nutrients, the two most-essential minerals, calcium and magnesium.


Athletic competition amounts to greater stresses on human muscles and nerves.  Calcium contracts muscles while magnesium relaxes them, and together they also help reduce the painful effects associated with glucose break-down, which occurs during and after great physical exertion.


Recreating Glucose Stability

When lactic acid is abundant in your cells after exercise, your bloodstream glucose has been deprived of oxygen.  Muscle stiffness and pain for a day or two after exercise workouts and/or athletic performances are among the symptoms of this condition.


The liver will work to restore glucose stability inside human cells after lactic-acid buildup.  This process can be assisted by elevated calcium and magnesium intake, although for maximum effectiveness a 2:1 ratio assisted by the presence of some kind of acid – ascorbic acid (vitamin C) works well – is the best combination for speedy recovery from lactic-acid buildup during and after workouts and athletic competitions.


How to Push Harder

Athletes suffer from sore muscles and joints and ailments due to the unusual stresses they place on their bodies. With the right combination of calcium and magnesium, as described, they can exercise much harder every day, yet sleep better and wake up without sore muscles, allowing them to work much harder and push their limits at the gym or in their chosen sports events.


The correct internal balance of glucose recovery aided by daily mineral intake makes the athlete’s external, winning sports attitude effective enough to consistently perform well and win games.


Disclaimer: We are not doctors. Should you have any illness or disease, refer to your regular medical practitioner for advice. Our information is for purely educational purpose.  We also recommend that you work with a licensed practitioner, who understands nutrition in relation to disease.


© 2015 by Desiree Lotz and Ronald Joseph Kule. Reserved.


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