A Winning Combination for Sports Men and Women!

I’m feeling very philosophical because of the World Cup Soccer fever. There are so many teams involved from all the continents of earth and the whole focus is on a game that will result in one winner.

Actually, there will be more than one winner. We all win regardless of whether our team comes out at the top or not.

And the big win is that we are all focused on what I can only describe as a real and pleasurable game instead of the usual negative stuff (games) we have shoved in our faces daily.

All our diverse cultures share a common reality: A love of sport and/or just plain support of one’s team.

It’s really the spirit of the game that makes us all win. Sport is such a great and appropriate field for us to pit our skills and wits. It’s also a great way of pulling a country (team) and the world (a bigger team) together.

I don’t think South Africans will ever forget how Nelson Mandela used the World Cup Rugby in 1995 (hosted and won by South Africa) to pull our country together. For me, the biggest win was the spirit of my people and the sparkle in their eyes.

In a typically white man’s sport, Mandela got the black people to rise above the past of our country – which was only just a year or two earlier – and focus on winning. When we put aside our differences and rise above them, we truly win because that is the only way we can find solutions.

You couldn’t have made anyone feel miserable if you tried! For several hours there was no crime or dissension as everyone’s attention was riveted on the game and the outcome. Jubilation rippled through the country as the most unlikely people watched the game together and hugged each other when we won.

The movie “Invictus”, produced by Clint Eastwood, starring Morgan Freeman and Matt Damon is based on what this great leader achieved for our country and the two actors did it full justice!

The word “invictus” means unconquerable and is a reflection of Nelson Mandela’s attitude and his ability to rise above his 27 years imprisonment and then pulling a very willing country together.

Calcium and Magnesium – A Winning Combination for Sports Men and Women!

We have Instant CalMag-C customers all over the world on every continent so I shouldn’t really take sides but, hey, I’m South African so, for this occasion, I will support my team. I’m sure you understand.

With all the sporting fervor the Soccer World Cup is creating, I think it is quite fitting to give you information about the benefits of calcium and magnesium for sports men and women.

Not only is calcium needed to contract the muscles and magnesium to relax them but they also help reduce the painful effects of lactic acid break-down during and after physical exertion.

Calcium and magnesium need to be in a 2:1 ratio with each other and they need some kind of acid for them to be absorbed by the body. That’s why we have made our InstantCalMag-C with two parts calcium gluconate and one part magnesium carbonate with vitamin C. This is the best combo for optimum absorption and speedy results.

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Read what some of our sporting customers have to say about Instant CalMag-C

Exercise, Muscles not Sore

“That white powder (calmag) really works! I can exercise much harder every day. It helps me sleep. I wake up and my muscles are not sore anymore. I feel like I can work much harder at gym and in my sport. My muscles are recovering much faster. I also don’t worry so much anymore.”  ….

Sean, South Africa

Energy level, Sports


“I started taking Instant CalMag-C before my weekly squash game and my energy level (while playing) has risen markedly since taking it. My opponents are asking me where I’m getting the extra zip from and I’m not about to tell them my secret.”

TA – Businessman, Auckland, NZ

No More Soreness

“I recently started using Instant CalMag-C after exercising and I no longer experience that soreness associated with exercise. I also noticed more flexibility and greater range of motion in the joints as well as a more restful night’s sleep.”

D.C., Chiropractor, Clearwater, FL.

Handles my Leg Cramps

I was looking for a Calcium/Magnesium combo because I knew one was needed to absorb the other. Whenever I get a cramp in my leg I take some Calmag and the cramp dissipates quickly.”

Nick, USA

Sore Muscles & Joints

“Because of the nature of the sport I participate in, I am inclined to suffer from sore muscles and joints but taking Instant CalMag-C helps immensely. I religiously take it and it’s also important for muscle function. I very seldom get ill. This in itself says a great deal as athletes often suffer from ailments due to the stress they place on their bodies.”

J.H., Bruma, South Africa

Energy Renewed

“You know, that Instant CalMag-C of yours is magic! I hadn’t been taking it for a while but then I was getting very tired on my walks so I took one dose this morning and easily walked a long distance, about three miles.”

Mrs N., London, England (75 years old)

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