A Pandemic Before the Pandemic, Fatigue Runs Rampant

It was shocking to find out because the ages were younger than expected, too young it seemed to have signs of fatigue and extreme stress.

People find themselves weak in the face of environmental stress, and started “wearing” what they should have been warding off.

But, a recent, very informal yet revealing survey of corporate personnel turned up some very interesting facts. The most startling of which were that a majority of people aged 23-35 were suffering from the effects of stress. And they were carrying it physically everywhere!

Done over just the last four years, these corporate people were showing similar or worse signs of fatigue than groups twice their age.


The answer is not only surprising, it is the solution to chronic fatigue and the never-ending onslaught of stress on the body. It can literally unlock chronic and non-chronic muscle fatigue.

Even intermittent or ‘non-chronic’ fatigue indicates something important about you…

Basic muscular function is rather simple. It is a system of checks and balances.

Muscles respond in set patterns to environmental needs. No matter what action you need to take, your muscles are designed to respond and make it happen. They do this using two functions: contraction and relaxation.

A proportionate balance of these two functions makes all motions possible. And, therefore, an imbalance in these becomes significant. This is no matter if its “chronic” or infrequent.

Getting stuck in one or the other of these functions creates problems.

Stress is the subject of the offset of this delicate balance. And, in absence of any knowledge or self-awareness about basic body function, a sort of pandemic has been going on surrounding fatigue.

What does fatigue leave you ‘wide open’ to suffer from?

It isn’t fatigue that is the cause. So the answer is relatively unimportant.

Fatigue is just one of many symptoms that could happen from an imbalance of forces or functions within the body. The manifestations are practically limitless.

The problem is that the body becomes less and less able to keep stress in the environment and so takes it in.

Here is a pandemic that leads to all pandemics. People being prone to stress in the environment are allowing that environment to unnaturally impinge on them and inhibit function.

Where do you fit on the sliding scale of immunity to your environment?

Immunity is a sliding scale and fatigue is an excellent example of it.

When the contraction-relaxation function goes off-balance, the body gets “stuck” in one or the other.

Imagine for a moment contracting your bicep to lift weights. Now imagine if you set the weight down but your muscle stayed in a contracted state and didn’t relax.

Do you think you might become fatigued?

The muscle would eventually stress to its max capacity and give out. And you would be no longer able to use it. This would make you more susceptible to your environment.

Our muscles help us survive, not just in fighting, but even to lift a fork to feed ourselves.

So your immunity to the environment is a sliding scale and depends upon the strength of the operating system: your body!

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What’s worse than pandemic fatigue? This is…

Unknowingly, we walk around every day (and have been for many years now) in the middle of a silent pandemic: fatigue and weakened immunity to our environment. This leads to disease which can lead to further pandemics.

Pandemics tend to be the result of earlier, more silent pandemics. Proneness to disease is itself a pandemic. Fatigue is an excellent example of this.

But what’s worse when it comes to fatigue is that it causes other health problems which also themselves can cause further fatigue. And you get a snowball effect of stress.

So what’s worse than a pandemic caused by a pandemic is the further stress this causes.

And so it continues from there.

It’s vicious and seemingly unchecked. It seems all but impossible to stop.

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You may be doomed to suffer further effects of fatigue unless you know this one thing…

Cause. Source. Origin.

These are words that describe all you need to know when it comes to a sliding scale of immunity and the ability to slide the scale in a positive direction.

The answer is not to “get rid of “fatigue” by finding therapeutic relief. This is all many therapies are: relief.

If you understand what creates fatigue in the first place, you can then work toward eliminating that factor which would “stop it before it began” so to speak.

Nerve energy is involved with dictating the actions of muscles. The muscles themselves have similar requirements. Both are fueled and function much in the same way.

Calcium and magnesium are the mineral “fuel” requirements of contraction and relaxation.

Calcium provides the contraction and magnesium creates relaxation. This alternation of the two functions is not only what makes muscles work properly, but it is what propels nerve energy.

Without a balance of these minerals, you don’t get a balance of these functions.

And we all know what happens when function goes awry. The environment can begin to take control and we become prone to a myriad of issues.

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If you know this, you’ll know what to do…

When we know the source of some problem, we don’t have to look at the problem itself. The problem is no longer a problem.

Solutions are merely the finding of the correct origin of the problem. When you know the cause of fatigue, you no longer have to “treat” the fatigue. You can correct the problem which caused the fatigue.

When it comes to deficiency of the very minerals that fuel contraction and relaxation, you can imagine what supplementing and fulfilling such deficiency can do in terms of restoring function.

It’s not that fatigue “goes away” so much as that function returns. Where there is good function, there is no fatigue and therefore no proneness to the things that can happen as a result.

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Drink Instant CalMag-C to help fulfill any deficiencies you may have and see what a difference it can make when a deficiency-caused fatigue has caused an internal “mini-pandemic”.

Drink in the benefits!

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