A note to our loyal customers (Covid update)

Due to an unprecedented demand for our Instant CalMag-C, while at the same time experiencing a 15% increase in our production costs during this health crisis, we were forced to increase the cost of our Instant CalMag-C bottles by $1. As a family owned and operated business we consider our stress-busting product as essential to daily living and we did not take this decision lightly.

To help offset the increase, we have lowered the Single Dose Pouches that we still have in stock by $2 and will maintain this lower price for as long as we have the pouches in stock at the old production costs. We plan to continue stocking Instant CalMag-C throughout this national emergency.

Amazon does consider our powerful vitamin and mineral supplement as an essential product and is still processing our inventory. However, if you do encounter any stock issues ordering through Amazon, you can order through our website SunshineVitamins.com where you can enjoy our lower pricing and save money and earn loyalty points. We are able to ship to you directly if needed.

We are very thankful to be able to help you and your loved ones beat stress and increase wellness in this challenging time. Stay safe, eat well and take your immune boosting supplements!

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