7 Stress Symptoms Solved

The number 7 is not so lucky when it comes to these symptoms of stress

Stress is a word that is often used but seldom fully understood. Derivatives such as “stressed out” and “stressful” are just as common. But what IS stress, what are its symptoms and what can be done about it? The answer requires an examination of the 7 most major and popular symptoms.

Stress is 2-faced

It’s true. Stress itself describes something the environment is doing to the body. It manifests itself in physical symptoms as a result. Though it is not the only cause, many illnesses, conditions and diseases can be the result of it, directly or indirectly. The two types are physical and emotional, indicating material or immaterial factors affecting the body. Anything from a loss to a car accident can be considered such types. Even viruses or bacteria are stressful influences. The physical manifestations caused by these are symptoms of them.

Symptom #1: Fatigue or exhaustion

While these are rather popular and obvious conditions, seldom are they linked to stress. Stress itself can cause or worsen them. Weak or stressed muscles, total energy depletion and others are obvious. But even more minor cases qualify. Just being overtired can be a symptom.

Symptom #2: Sleep issues

These symptoms are as apparent as they are numerous. Tossing and turning throughout the night is the most popular. Not getting an entire night’s sleep is another. Stress often expresses itself in strange ways, but this is one of the strangest. One would think it would be easy to sleep if stressed or exhausted but, on the contrary, it can be quite difficult.

Symptom #3: Headaches or migraines

Many people think that “minor” headaches are normal. But this is a confusion in terms. Just because they are common, does not indicate they are normal. They only seem that way because they recur often or so many others suffer from them. Migraines are more severe versions and are, of course, also symptoms of stress.

Symptom #4: Allergies

Here is a surprising one. Most people think allergies are a natural occurrence. Allergies are actually a sort of chain-reaction scenario. When the body gets stressed, physically or emotionally, the Adrenal or “stress” glands can get overworked. When this happens, hormone shifts happen and can lay one open to being allergic to a wide variety of things. Handling stress is one of the most overlooked courses of action in combating its symptoms.

Symptom #5: Irritability or mood swings

Here is a classic example or the overlooked effects of stress. Have you ever been tired or exhausted physically or mentally? If so, you know what irritability or mood swings are about. Such are the symptoms of a deprivation of some needed element. Sleep, nutrition, exercise, relaxation, all are such elements.

Symptom #6: Digestive issues

Everyone seems to know that ulcers are a common aftereffect of extreme stress. But what of simple indigestion? Factually, any type of stress can and does affect the digestive system. From heartburn to bloating, and all in between, this is a major warning sign that stress is at a peak.

Symptom #7: Pain

Pain is the most popular complaint. Usually localized to the upper and mid back, pain is often an indication of stress. Additionally, the adrenal glands produce hormones to combat inflammation. When these get stressed, this process can get interrupted. The result is inflammation and pain. This is, perhaps the most popular of all symptoms.

What can be done about stress?

The first course of action to take would be to locate the sources of stressful conditions in the environment and make changes in those. Unfortunately, however, the effects on the body may be in need of repair for a full recovery to possibly take place. Sometimes physical intervention, such as chiropractic care, physical therapy or massage, are required. Most often, however, nutritional deficiencies are one of the stresses involved and must be supplemented. Calcium and magnesium are major players in this way. Calcium in its purest form is a potent pain killer and magnesium one of the best calming agents around. These are two major factors when it comes to dealing with stress.

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