5 Steps to Counter Fibromyalgia Cause, Treatment Guesswork

Fibromyalgia prescription meds may be on the rise, but their basis upon speculation begs a more basic solution.

Even the Mayo Clinic states that “doctors don’t know what causes” Fibromyalgia. Yet numerous ads tell you to “ask your doctor” about meds based on a “thought to be caused by” approach. Successful treatment, however, depends upon more certainty than such speculation. Here are 5 steps to better target a solution.

1. Know how your body works.

Your body operates based on communication within the nervous system which carries messages from brain to body. Pain, therefore, is more than just discomfort – it warns something is wrong. The all-too-quick deadening of pain, therefore, is not unfounded, but perhaps premature. Pain is useful in tracing causes of conditions and is better treated simultaneously with the condition(s) causing it.

2. Redefine your concept of health.

Some may argue that medications “get results” however, what do we mean by “result” after all? The implication in drug advertising is the reduction of pain.

Once understanding how bodies should function, it becomes clear that “health” means “total and correct body function” rather than “absence of symptoms or illness.” This definition makes treatment possible, especially when it comes to conditions such as Fibromyalgia.

3. Stop trading one condition for one or more others.

When not tracing symptoms to proper causes, the most obvious symptom becomes the target. Fibromyalgia, for instance, can be caused by many conditions, yet meds only target pain.

Taking pain meds not only leaves the real cause unhandled and insidiously worsening, it opens the door to other illnesses caused by meds. For instance, one of the reported side effects of the popular drug “Lyrica” is reported as “rapid weight gain,” advancing health no further, a vicious cycle indeed.

4. Approach Fibromyalgia from many angles.

Fibromyalgia should be addressed in a multi-disciplinary approach according to the American Chiropractic Association in its assessment of the condition. Understanding body function, this becomes rather obvious. Repair of muscles and nerves can be part of an all-embracive attack on

Fibromyalgia. Spinal misalignment, nerve interference, mineral depletion and muscle tension can be countered with physical therapy, chiropractic, nutrition, massage and mineral supplementation, all of which require little or no speculation as to proper diagnosis or treatment.

5. Support, enhance and correct basic body function.

Understanding proper body function, lack in its care becomes obvious. Redefining your concept of health as “proper and total body function” correct targets can be set for correction. By not trading one condition for others, one step forward will not likely create steps backward. And, using a multi-disciplinary approach, numerous causes can be all but eliminated.

If your health condition is “though to be caused” by something, perhaps a better question to ask your doctor would be “thought by whom?” Real health is not achieved through speculation. Fibromyalgia, when looked at as a symptom, can fast succumb to a well-rounded wellness approach.

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