5 Physical Therapy Results Enhancers

While physical therapy may be beneficial, there are a few things that can magnify its effects

Getting any type of physical therapy can be helpful to recovery from painful conditions, however, its degree of effectiveness can depend on 5 main factors. Enhancing these can significantly increase results.

A healthy diet

Didn’t you know that junk food makes you weak? The worst foods for your muscles are no secret. From bagels to pretzels, carby junky foods are not only not helping with muscle growth and maintenance, they can hinder your recovery from injury. Getting onto a healthy diet gives muscles and joints vital nutrients they need to live and heal too. This factor alone can speed recovery significantly.


Sufficient exercise has multiple benefits, not the least of which is keeping the body mobile and in motion. Additionally, it circulates the blood deep into the muscles, an added benefit to any recovery assisted by physical therapy. Exercise does not have to be intense and can be as fundamental is a circuit training regimen which has tremendous reported benefits and can really speed up physical therapy results.  Getting enough exercise and stretching is key to good health.

Chiropractic care

The entire premise of chiropractic care is that interference with the nervous system can cause breakdown anywhere in the body and halt function. This means a slowing of therapeutic results of any treatments. Additionally, being the largest collection of joints in the body, the spine rarely experiences full mobility. Chiropractors mobilize those joints keeping them healthy and also from interfering with nerves. This makes it a welcome companion to physical therapy.


Magnesium is one of the two most important minerals when it comes to joints, nerves, bones and muscles. Particularly with muscles, magnesium acts as a relaxation agent, safeguarding against undue tension, cramps, etc. This can aid physical therapy in its effectiveness.


Contraction is a prime function of muscles. Their contraction is the essence of the work that they do and this must be able to occur properly. In absence of this function, physical therapy becomes near obsolete in nature. Supplementation of the right form of calcium in a proper body environment is key to rehabilitation.

Getting the very most out of physical therapy

Getting the most out of physical therapy involves more than a therapist; it involves you. The majority of time is spent outside of therapy and therefore should be filled with rehabilitative and strengthening activities. With proper nutrition, good, low-impact exercise (coordinated by a doctor or physical therapist), chiropractic care as well as calcium and magnesium supplementation is the ticket to getting the most out of physical rehab.

Instant CalMag-C, being formulated based on the exact pattern of the body and its absorption of vital minerals, is a prime companion to any physical therapy treatment regimen. Try this drinkable, instant-absorbing mineral supplement today to find out what changes may occur as a result. It may make for a speedier recovery which is always a plus.

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