5 ‘Mineral Criminals’ That Rob Calcium

When calcium deficiency sets in, you aren’t merely out of minerals. You’ve been outright robbed!

Here is, perhaps the foremost sham played on the body: mineral robbery! Not quite a hit-and-run situation, but more an insidious embezzlement.

There is no question that calcium deficiency is real. In fact, an article on ProcessedFreeAmerica.org states that 75% of Americans have a calcium deficiency. Where has all that calcium gone?

Five usual suspects

How do they do it? Forcing calcium out of the body insidiously via body fluids, ejected with the trash. In other words, it goes unnoticed for some time.

According to healthline.com, effects of calcium deficiency include muscle spasms, numbness in limbs and even depression, far from a complete list. Notwithstanding, at least five causes can be controlled.

Criminal #1: Calcium depletion mastermind, sweating under interrogation

The perpetrator? Dehydration.

Contrary to common belief, mineral depletion caused by sources including sweating, urination, diarrhea, even intake of excess fluid can cause dehydration. This can be in the summer, aggravated by the air-conditioning sucking it out of you or in winter when all kinds of heating is run. A proper handling would, therefore, not just involve more fluid intake but a supplement of minerals along with an isolation of the depletion factor. In other words, don’t just drink water on it’s own because it will worsen. You have to take your minerals too.

Criminal #2: Drugs: mineral thieves that deplete calcium

Drug-Nutrient Depletion Charts on Chiro.org show definitively all categories of medication and a host of drugs which create vitamin and mineral deficiency. No drug is exempt.

In this case, deficiencies are created by both forcing minerals out of the body and blocking their absorption, leaving them to be expelled from the body through the urine.

The American Diabetes Association lists thirst and excess urination as symptoms of Diabetes. This suggests an intriguing correlation between sugar intake and dehydration, a mineral deficiency. While it is not alleged that mineral supplements would cure diabetes, it certainly would allow for some improvement.

One source describes how sugar depletes magnesium in the body, a mineral closely related, and often dependent upon calcium, a clear connection to outright mineral robbery.

Criminal #4: Cortisone shots can be more of a pain than they’re worth

DivineHealthFromTheInsideOut.com reports that, in addition to potassium, cortisone depletes calcium, ironically the mineral which helps alleviate or avoid pain.

Too often calcium and other mineral levels go overlooked in favor of a cortisone shot, which is not a long-term solution.

Soil, of late, has been less-than-perfect for growing vegetables. The soil in which plants are grown has been robbed of numerous minerals. Therefore, even someone who eats a well-balanced diet can become deficient. Supplementation becomes inevitable.

Calcium supplementation, mineral theft insurance

We are told by doctors and dairy farmers that calcium is a king among minerals. These five mineral criminals show us just why that may be. Mineral robbery can have devastating effects.

Instant CalMag-C is specially formulated to do two things: Absorb calcium and magnesium, and to do so instantly so it can be used by the body.

While other minerals need supplementation, supplementing calcium alone, let alone magnesium, can correct a key deficiency responsible for a host of health conditions – a correction that can make a tremendous difference in life for those afflicted.

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