5 Black Friday Survival Hacks

Black Friday “door-busters” may be worth the trip, but is it possible to shop without the drop?

You have barely digested that Thanksgiving feast and, the Christmas shopping season is on with a vengeance. Door-buster deals have you fighting the carb hangover, other shoppers and lack of sleep to get that deep discount for which you have waited all year. And, you find yourself shopping from the wee hours until mid-day, when you can shop no more.

To survive Black Friday, good strategy is in order. Here are 5 hacks which may help achieve more shop without the drop.

1. Avoid carb hangover

There is such a thing, at least according to Bon Appetit magazine’s report on the condition. Minimizing carb intake on Thanksgiving can all but eliminate the “carb hangover” and make for a much more comfortable – and hence profitable – day after.

2. Get good sleep

Lack of sleep can result in a number of consequences, not the least of which is impaired brain activity. Face it: you need your wits about you. A good 8 hours of sleep can mean the difference between a great deal and a great deal of disappointment. Catching 7-8 hours of sleep Thanksgiving night can keep you sharp and avoid the mid-day crash.

3. Hydrate

In the depths of late fall, dehydration seems unthinkable. Yet even cold weather can cause it. Nearly 3 dozen symptoms include lack of energy and fuzzy thinking. The remedy is minerals – not just plenty of water, but minerals from sources such as mineral-rich, Himalayan seat salt. Staying hydrated keeps the shopping at full tilt.

4. A good breakfast is more than a good cup of coffee

Contrary to popular belief, coffee is not a meal. Irritability, and confusion are just two symptoms of low blood sugar which may accompany skipping meals. A good meal with sufficient protein and lower carbs can make for a more pleasant experience all around, providing more energy, longer.

5. Calcium and magnesium, of course!

Calcium and magnesium working in tandem and correct supply provide for a relaxed state, muscles that function properly and good recovery from your “workout” at the mall. Magnesium deficiency alone can cause muscle cramps and fatigue making for a most unpleasant shopping experience. In fact, all factors of these hacks are influenced by a balance of these vital minerals, especially sleep. Getting ample supply is recommended.

Brightening your black Friday

Lowering carb intake, sleeping well, hydrating, eating a good breakfast and getting your calcium and magnesium are five things you can do to make for a better Black Friday, without consequences.

While you can get sleep, lower carbs and eat a good breakfast fairly easily, your calcium and magnesium levels require a more precise handling. The Instant CalMag-C formula is specially-formulated in exact ratio and form to instantly deliver what the body needs for its basic functions and for recovery from overwork, or shopping!

Try Instant CalMag-C this Thanksgiving and Black Friday before and after you shop and get what you need to perform at your optimum to get those door buster deals for which you have waited all year. Happy holidays!

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