4 Wrist Pain Causes that May Interfere With Life

Wrist pain can be said to interfere with life, but is life causing it?

Wrist pain, often referred to as “Carpal Tunnel Syndrome”, is ever more common these days and many who suffer say it interferes with life. Whether making golf or tennis less enjoyable or even work a much harder task, it is yet a problem which leaves many wondering about its cause and how to eliminate it, with surgery sometimes the only apparent option. Here, however, are 4 ways life itself may be causing it, which also give clues to how it could be handled without a scalpel.

Repetitive motion or injuries

While injuries are pretty obvious, repetitive motion is a leading culprit of wrist pain. Even leisure time activities such as tennis carry with them a repetitive motion. Such unvarying, repeated motion can serve to wear down joints and the wrist is a prime target. Varying motions and changing them up, while exercising the area in different ways can be key to minimizing this problem.


Arthritis seems to be on the rise but it is seldom thought of first when it comes to wrist pain. It is a condition which can carry with it some pretty severe medical intervention if not fully understood. This painful inflammation and stiffness in joints is actually a symptom. Something is causing it and it may be one of the other three causes discussed here. Handling those other areas is key to combating this condition.

Neck problems

Is wrist pain a pain in the neck? While you may not feel any pain up there, the neck is a junction point for nerves emanating from the spinal cord down the arm and to the hands. Chiropractors deal with this problem often and find that Carpal Tunnel Syndrome originates in the neck region, where spinal nerves, irritated, cause problems all the way down the arm. Chiropractors can often be a solution for detecting and handling this condition.

Muscle and nerve issues

Stiff muscles and irritated nerves which are deficient in minerals can be considered a major cause of pain anywhere in the body, the wrist being no exception. Specific forms of calcium and magnesium required by muscles and nerves in sufficient quantity and ratio are required for contraction and relaxation of muscles as well as the means for nerve energy flow, actual electricity, along nerve channels. Interrupted, this process can be a leading cause. Supplementation of minerals can actually make all the difference in this painful condition.

How to reduce or eliminate pain and avoid the surgeon

Understanding these four factors, unnecessary surgery can be avoided. Handling repetitive motion with rehabilitative and strengthening exercises, tracing arthritis factors back to a cause, addressing neck problems and supplementing calcium and magnesium, all of them, can make a major difference and even be a total solution to wrist pain.

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