4 Ways Energy Drinks Steal Your Energy

Energy drinks seem like a great solution and do seem to work initially, but why are you exhausted anyway?

If sales of energy drinks are at an all-time crescendo, why is exhaustion such an epidemic? Many would say one is because of the other. Here are 4 ways it may be the other way around.

1. When energy drinks write checks your body can’t cash

Energy drinks have one common goal: fast energy. While occasional deadlines or situations that arise, requiring sacrifice of sleep or nutrition, may justify “boosting” energy, such emergencies have become commonplace. Supplying only short-lived energy, such drinks are mere boosters, not suppliers of energy. With repeated use the body’s “bank account” of energy is eventually overdrawn, and boosters no longer have value, or effectiveness.

2. Energy that’s borrowed, not earned

Why borrow from energy drinks to keep going? Human bodies can create their own energy. Converting food via metabolism, ample energy is created to meet life’s demands. Energy is “earned and burned” accordingly. Need for energy drinks and boosters is a symptom of malnutrition and other deficiencies.

3. Losing sleep over it

Sleep is a sort of “energy conservation” process. Lack of it, therefore, burns through energy reserves. Unfortunately, energy drinks not only provide temporary effects, their eventual stress on the body can exacerbate the issue by worsening sleep, compounding the problem.

4. Addictions start with a boost but end in exhaustion

Ironically, energy drinks can actually cause exhaustion on the long term. Deficiencies in sleep and nutrition, apparently creating need for an energy boost, are actually worsened. The body’s adrenal or “stress” glands can become, themselves, stressed out, further stressing the body, requiring more energy boosters. Fatigue and exhaustion result.

How to stop borrowing energy and start earning it

The best way to get energy is to earn it, not burn it. Getting nutrition through quality foods and supplements, quality sleep and reducing stress, real energy can be experienced in fact.

Instant CalMag-C can help on a variety of levels. Made from exact minerals the body needs for sleep, relaxation, blood sugar regulation and many other functions, it can not only assist energy production, but help lessen withdrawal symptoms from energy drinks too.

Try and see what Instant CalMag-C may do for you. You may just earn your own energy for a change.

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