4 Failed New Year’s Resolution Solutions

Though 4 of the top New Year’s resolutions are more likely to fail than succeed, the odds can turn favorably.

Out of 45% of Americans who make resolutions, less than 10% keep them. So, what can be done to ensure they are kept? Here are 4 common failures and solutions.

1. Lose weight

Here is the hottest New Year’s resolution going, with almost a quarter of “resolvers” wanting weight loss. Unfortunately, the post-holiday season is one of the most stressful times to do so. Over a month of overeating and stress has created a greater degree of difficulty. Results can take longer than patience can tolerate. Failure is statistically guaranteed.

2. Get healthy

Aside from the fact that being unhealthy is actually a bar to weight loss, getting healthy in early January, on the coattails of the holidays, is a seeming uphill climb, especially in that many realize neither what is malfunctioning nor what their bodies need nutritionally. Random “healthy” actions usually end up in disappointment and a return to unhealthy habits.

3. Get better organized

A Huffington Post article reports high stress among the disorganized. So why do people pick the most challenging time of year to attempt to get organized? Holiday gatherings, decorations and wrappings, new items on top of old ones in the house, all compound an already-disorganized scene. The result tends to be overwhelm and stress. Yet people choose January 1st as Day 1.

4. Quit smoking (or other habits)

If less than 20% of smokers can quit “cold turkey” under normal levels of stress, it is questionable what they would be after a month of the highest stress levels of the year. Post-holiday quitting is clearly a bigger-than-usual challenge. That said, giving up seems easier. Statistically, this seems the case,

Common thread to failed New Year’s resolutions?

It seems doom and gloom until you begin to see a common thread: holiday stress. Evidently people seem to charge into the holiday season, subjecting themselves to physical and emotional stress for an entire month, only then to attempt resolving their issues. Knowing the common denominator, however, makes all the difference in turning failure to success.

2 plans of attack to make New Year’s resolutions stick

It is clear that 2 actions would be in order to resolve your failed resolve: attack the holiday stress and do it before the holidays set in. Starting before the holidays kick in would be ideal to not only make some resolutions, but start them. The results can be astounding while still allowing for a little holiday indulgence. Then, handling stress itself can make for an easier time of it. New Year’s becomes a milestone rather than the start of an uphill climb.

One positive method of stress reduction and prevention

Calcium and magnesium, could be called “stress minerals”. Responsible for so many functions from muscle function to blood sugar regulation, to blood pressure and nerve energy flow, these minerals are especially useful with these resolutions. Due to poor diet or soil depletion of minerals, they can be hard to come by. Even some supplements provide incorrect forms and rations, making them unusable rocks to the body.

Instant CalMag-C begins with the correct forms of calcium and magnesium and is formulated to provide them in proper ration, exactly as the body needs them, effectively making them useful to the body supporting all its most vital functions, a first step in reducing stress.

Start early and make New Year’s a milestone. During the holidays, take plenty of instant CalMag-C to support nutrition, body function and stress reduction. And, may you start the New Year with your New Year’s resolution already resolved.

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