4 Factors That Make Stress Reduction Unnecessary

Stress reduction becomes unnecessary if you know the primary factors that cause it…

Scouring the internet for stress reduction tips can be stressful in and of itself in that there are so many viewpoints on the matter. But, wouldn’t the best method be to not have stress at all? Impossible as it seems, an understanding of 4 factors makes elimination of stress the best stress reduction of all.

Do you have the nerve for stress reduction?

Nerves are notoriously discussed when it comes to stress reduction. You’ve said it yourself: “You’re getting on my nerves!” The nerves are important to every body function in that they carry vital communication between brain and body. Interference with this process, such as those produced by a misaligned spine according to many chiropractors, and not having enough calcium and magnesium in the diet, is a key factor to an over-stressed existence. Removing interferences is not only a way to reduce stress, it can be eliminated altogether.

Hormones and stress can go hand-in-hand

You may know that glands notoriously produce hormones, but did you know you have stress glands and hormones? A good stress reduction plan should start with a checking of the “stress glands” called the “adrenal” glands. These glands when over-productive of adrenaline, can cause all sorts of effects such as lack of sleep, nervousness and the like, all of which make for a stressed-out life. Supporting adrenals through diet and exercise is always the ticked to a calm, relaxed state.

Exercise may be the biggest stress reduction solution

Speaking of exercise, here is probably one of the smartest stress reduction solutions of all. Getting exercise is touted by many doctors and professionals as a way to keep relaxed and improve all sorts of health issues. Putting it into your schedule, the most minor of exercise routines can make a world of difference in stress.

Head to bed and stay there!

Did you ever have long stints of little or no sleep? While it may have been warranted by a work deadline or the like, what did it do to your overall demeanor and ability to function? This is a no-brainer – literally! Lack of sleep can cause a variety of symptoms and is a main stress culprit. So get to bed and get those 8 hours!

Nutrition can be the difference between stress reduction and elimination

While it may not be obvious, nutrition plays a role. Eating carbs and processed foods alone can stress out your adrenal glands creating stress. Calcium and magnesium deficiencies from improper nutrition can also cause tense muscles and nerves which place you on-edge. Getting recommended daily vitamins and minerals, while abstaining from too much junk may be a stress reduction miracle in many cases.


The best stress reduction plan is to not have any stress in the first place!

It is possible for you to achieve stress reduction but also to eliminate stress from the equation. By having nerve flow unchecked by interference and mineral deficiency, proper body function can be achieved. With hormones under control, sleep and exercise provided for, as well as proper nutrition, stress is but a vague concept you heard somewhere before.

While not an end-all, calcium and magnesium are most vital factors in dozens of body functions from blood pressure, to blood sugar regulation and, especially, nerve and muscle function. Instant CalMag-C is formulated based on the body’s overall needs and is a fast-absorbing supplement that can make all the difference in the world when it comes to stress. Try it today and see what happens to your stress levels, if they are there at all!

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