3 Weight Loss Gains From Studying Your Pool?

Weight loss may be going swimmingly after studying Pool water.

When thinking of a pool, weight loss may be the furthest thing from the mind. Outside of recreation, and maybe a little aerobic exercise, what good is a pool anyway? Three facts, however, can be learned which can assist greatly in attempts to lose stubborn weight.

1. Water pH

Great care is taken to balance pH level (acidity, alkalinity) of pool water to match the body. At about 7.4, the eyes are least irritated, making for a more comfortable swim. Proper environmental pH creates ease for the body. Internally, drinking water can have the same effect. Too acid and body function is compromised, especially weight loss. Many popular brand drinking waters are quite acidic, hindering weight loss. Balancing drinking water pH becomes as paramount as adjusting levels in pool water.

2. Pain and Stress

Many experts, including MD’s, have commented on the effects of stress on health and, especially, weight loss. Hormone reactions to it can cause weight gain. Stress, however, is more than just emotional. Stress can be chemical, triggered by intake of toxins such as medications and processed foods, and it is most commonly physical, as in pain or physical overexertion. Exercise, a well-known reducer of stress, can help but, in itself, can be a physical stress. Swimming has been known to be a very-low-stress activity. Pool water, in this wise, can assist weight loss.

3. Exercise Benefits

Swimming has been reported so beneficial as a form of exercise, it is even used in physical therapy. Bouyancy taking sheer gravitational stress off joints, movement becomes easier and, in many cases, less painful. And, while exercise is an “everyone knows” factor of weight loss, not everyone does it due to various restrictions. Swimming can be an assist to this barrier and is one of the most stress-free forms of exercise.

Tying all three benefits together to support weight loss

What has pool water taught us? Minimally, it has shown that there are hidden factors not considered by many to the detriment of their weight loss efforts. Controlling internal pH can protect the body from insidious acidic weight loss blocks. Reducing pain and stress can stabilize, silently-triggered hormones which tend to stimulate weight gain. And, replacing more stressful exercise with swimming can further reduce stress factors to gain less weight.

The minerals calcium and magnesium are supporters of such conditions. Required for proper nerve and muscle function, and being slightly alkaline, proper body environment for weight loss can be achieved. As natural pain and stress reducers, when taken in proper form and ratio, they can have powerful effect on efforts to lose weight.

Try Instant CalMag-C, a pH balanced formulation of proper forms and ratio of calcium and magnesium, and a fast-absorbing, drinkable supplement that can support many more health functions than simply weight loss. Find out what difference Instant CalMag-C can make for you.

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