3 Ways to Not Carry Stress In Your Shoulders

Santa has a sack over his shoulder but carries his stress there too!


The holiday season seems to carry more stress than the rest of the year, and so do you. With all the hustle, bustle and year-end pressures, it’s no wonder people carry stress in their shoulders more than ever.


Ask anyone the question, “where do you carry your stress?” and you’ll find neck and shoulders very popular, accompanied by such explanations as “sitting at a desk all day” or “carrying a heavy bag”.


None of such reasoning, however, seems to keep pain or tension at bay. There must be a more basic source.


But wait, my pain isn’t chronic. How does this apply to me?


You might think your symptoms are not “chronic” by which you mean “severe” or “acute” in nature.


Symptoms, however, which are dull or minor, come and go or are not of long duration, tend to be the worst of all. By recurring time and again, they signify that their source is not what it seems and are not caused by the “usual suspects”.

There are three factors which do shed proper light on the real offenders…

Muscle tension doesn’t come from carrying a bag or sitting all day…

Commonly, people blame carrying a heavy bag, bad posture or sitting at a desk for long hours, none of which cause neck or shoulder tension. So, adjusting these factors provides little relief. The more likely culprit would be a deeper structural imbalance that creates a predisposition to these stress symptoms.

Hidden structural imbalances make you predisposed to tension…

Throughout your life, your body is exposed to physical stress. Whether you played sports in high school, danced as a child or even had minor spills as a toddler, your basic structure easily can be thrown off-balance. Even the birth process is stressful on your neck and spine. Such imbalances, not signaled by pain, can lay dormant for years.

Later, doing simple activities such as working at a desk all day, seems to cause shoulder pain. Yet it was the earlier imbalance that set you up for the pain. Such activities don’t cause pain. They aggravate your structural imbalances and trigger the symptom. This predisposal is a subtle but significant difference.

Deficiencies of basic nutrition convert external stress to physical pain

Nutritional deficiencies are the leading culprits for all manner of symptoms. Mineral deficiencies of calcium and magnesium are key. Proper muscle function, nerve energy flow and structural support all rely on these minerals. Even muscle tension itself can be enough to cause undo tension and pain.

How to avoid carrying stress in your neck and shoulders

Knowing the real source of these problems can be a game-changer any time of year and alleviate undo stress. First, isolate the underlying imbalance. Then consider your history to understand what areas of the body should really be addressed. Finally, make certain that any nutritional deficiencies are fulfilled or supplemented.

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