3 Types of Exhaustion You May Not Know You Have

People speak of exhaustion casually as if it is just tiredness, but there is much more to it

There is much more to exhaustion than just simple tiredness. It has many components that are characteristic of overtaxing the muscles, nerves and, yes, the psyche too. Understanding 3 main types of exhaustion and what causes them, would be key to their remedy.

Physical exhaustion and fatigue

This would seem to be an obvious one, however, is so insidious it is suffered by even those who don’t think they have it. Characteristic of it would be symptoms such as sleeplessness despite any tiredness that may occur, lack of energy and muscle fatigue or even pain. Symptoms vary and, isolated, seem to be conditions in and of themselves. Yet they are part of a larger problem.

Heat exhaustion

Here is a tricky one and could be called a misnomer, largely because of its cause. Fatigue and severe illness are among the possible symptoms, along with many others. The keynote of this condition, however, is dehydration and is suffered by many more than is commonly observed or supposed. Lacking minerals and water the body needs, breakdown begins to occur in body systems, muscles and nerves to make for an exhausting condition indeed.

Mental exhaustion

While many commonly claim to be mentally exhausted, there is a little more to it than that. Long periods of stress, difficulty and even overwork can cause an exhaustion of the senses and thought process. Often times physical exhaustion can lead to mental and vice versa. The nervous system is a key player in this as well.

The main reason

While there can be many reasons, a main one is support of vital body function by minerals required for basic function. For example, as in heat exhaustion, minerals are lost through the dehydration process. Because such minerals as calcium, potassium, magnesium and others are no longer present, body processes which depend on them can not occur and breakdown begins to occur. Factually, muscles, bones and nerves need minerals to function at all and the body needs function of its systems to survive.

How to relieve exhaustion

It is easy to see that, just within these three types of exhaustion how it all comes down to deficiencies. Inadequacies in mineral levels can create all manner of health issues, exhaustion being a key one.

Calcium and magnesium, are two peculiar minerals in that they work in tandem and require a proper ratio as well as a few other factors to work at all. With them in adequate supply, the body can function. Without them, exhaustion and other health issues can creep in, unsuspected at first, but very apparent after it is almost too late.

Fight back with proper minerals from food and supplements. Instant CalMag-C is a supplement which features exact forms of calcium and magnesium required by the body, mixed in the required ratio and pH, and made for instant absorption in a fast-acting, drinkable solution.

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