3 Tips for a Stress Free Year

Everyone says “keep calm” but how do you do it?

Often easier said than done, there is more to keeping calm and stress free than one would typically think. Here are three tips to make calmness and lack of stress an actuality.

1. Eat, sleep and breathe de-stressing

This is more than a metaphor. Your body, literally, needs proper nutrition, rest and plenty of oxygen to run at all, much less in an optimum state. While proper nutrition and sufficient rest are a “no-brainer” to accomplish, even Harvard found that proper and sufficient breathing is paramount to lower stress levels.

2. Get moving

While it would seem logical that rest is needed to create calm, exercise is actually required. Between the endorphins it creates and the aerobic benefits, the stress of exercise actually results in relaxation. Getting sufficient exercise is therefore a requirement for a stress-free existence.

3. Recover and relax

When all is said and done, when you are nourished, rested and oxygenated, when your exercise routine is complete, the body yet needs to process all of it. Body processes are fueled by nutrition, which is based upon vitamin and mineral content of food. Under the heading of “minerals” specifically, you will find calcium and magnesium atop a very short list. These are your recovery minerals required to get the body’s tissues repaired so exercise benefits can be realized.

The minerals at the center of it all

Let’s face it, we can eat right, we can sleep, breathe and exercise, but when it comes to recovery, intervention is sometimes needed. Whether from soil depletion or just plain unavailability of nutrient-rich foods, minerals can be found to be in sparse supply, especially calcium and magnesium so vital to exercise recovery. Supplementation is often inevitable.

Stress free for years to come

How do you stay free of stress for years to come? Eat, sleep and breathe a wellness life for starters, and work your way there with proper exercise. Then make sure you are getting the proper minerals for recovery. Calcium and magnesium being of top importance, supplement where needed with

Instant CalMag-C, a specially formulated, 2:1 ratio of these minerals, designed to give the body exactly what it needs for hundreds of processes, especially exercise recovery. Then, repeat, each day, month and year for a stress-free life for the coming decades.

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