3 Sleep Disorder Causes That Will Keep You Awake at Night

The most popular things keeping you awake may put you to sleep

Getting rest is as vital as getting air or nourishment. But, why do so many people find themselves unable to get it in sufficient quantity?

Clearly if we could answer this question, we could stop losing sleep over it. So, wake up to these three key causes of sleep problems and maybe get some rest for a change.

Relaxation is made not born!

Don’t mistake relaxation for a personality trait. It is a vital body function. As a matter of fact, even tension, its companion function, is important.

Muscles must contract and relax in various patterns to allow for basic movement. Even the heart and nerves use this tandem motion for proper function.

Out of these two functions, relaxation is of senior importance. While tension is needed situationally, relaxation can function on its own and is key for the body to be “at rest” especially during rest periods and sleep.

Lacking certain basics, relaxation is hindered and tension prevails. Relaxation is not a given. It requires support.

Proper posture for sleep?

Do you sleep in the fetal position or sleep on your stomach? Does it matter?

Poor sleep habits are quite common. Too many pillows, sleeping in the “wrong position” or having a bad mattress are among the most popular. But are these habits?

Rather than look at the posture of sleep itself, it is better to examine posture in general. If posture is poor, it is far more than an aesthetic problem.

Posture issues are an indicator of imbalance in the basic structure of the body. And while the spine or basic frame may be out of alignment, even undue muscle tension could be holding it that way.

Regardless of the reason, poor “sleep posture” may not be your fault. Your posture itself may hold the key.

Brain power and sleep chemistry: to sleep or not to sleep…

Sleeping pills and sleep aids may be prescribed for insomnia, sleep disorders and the like, but why don’t they seem to “cure” sleep issues?

One of the reasons can be that the entire nervous system (not just the brain) is deficient. Sleep chemistry may not be as complex as it looks.

Simple deficiencies of calcium or magnesium can be at play. A heart that races, muscles that won’t relax, a brain that “won’t shut off” or poor “sleep posture” can all be precipitated by lack of these two minerals.

Responsible to work in tandem to support these and hundreds of other body functions, their lack can make sleep problems the least of your worries, but the greatest concern. Sleep is a vital function for physical and mental sharpness and ability. Its lack can wreak havoc.

Don’t lose sleep over losing sleep…

There are at least three things you can wake up to and use to your advantage to get to sleep.

While posture and relaxation are key factors, they are more symptoms than problems. The chemistry of sleep, however, can be more of a root cause.

Calcium and magnesium are of the most basic elements required by the body, in specific form, quantity, ration and balance. Responsible for hundreds of body processes, their lack can account for many difficulties, even posture and relaxation.

Supplementing these minerals can be a game-changer and the difference between a good night’s sleep and a hard day at work tomorrow.

Instant CalMag-C is a supplement formulated to absorb fast, in a way natural to the body in how it utilizes calcium and magnesium. And, while their deficiency causes a host of issues, supplementing them can allow for normal body function, which is all that is required for normal, decent, restful sleep.

Wake up to the fact that supplying what the body needs can put you to sleep.

Try Instant CalMag-C and see if a better night’s rest is within reach.

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