3 Reasons for Anger Issues

We all know them. Perhaps we have seen them in traffic, on the checkout line or even in business.

For some people, a short fuse, easy triggers and low tolerance for others are a real problem. Anger management is a buzzword nowadays. This implies the necessity of some sort of behavioral therapy. But do these people all “have issues”? It turns out anger issues can be a symptom of three other physical issues causing them.

Blood sugar issues

If you were irritable, would you be liable to anger issues? When you are feeling irritable, anything can set you off. Irritability, however, is a symptom of low blood sugar, among other things. Low blood sugar causes many reactions such as mental confusion or fog, but irritability is certainly one of them. Here is one of the most overlooked causes. Poor diet habits, lacking protein and other important elements, can keep the blood sugar low. Overlooking this factor, it seems the issue is with the anger. If is often remedied by fixing the diet.

Sleep deficiencies

It seems like irritability can come from a variety of physical deficiencies. And, irritability can lead to anger issues for sure. Eight hours of sleep is not just a good idea, it is actually a requirement for a well-functioning body and disposition too. Lacking sleep leaves one irritable, moody and even anxious. This is always a recipe for anger, often at the drop of a hat. Remedy can be as simple as getting to bed earlier but may also require nutritional intervention. Lacking certain vitamins and minerals can cause sleep issues.


Magnesium is responsible for over 300 body functions. From blood sugar regulation to blood pressure, magnesium influences most of the body functions of day-to-day living. It is a magic mineral in that respect. Magnesium is what causes muscles to relax. Lack of it can leave one open to the effects of stress. This can often starts a chain reaction that can lead to anger issues. Supplementing magnesium in these cases can be key.

Anger management may not be what you think!

While anger management may be regarded as behavioral in nature, it can have as its root cause a host of physical deficiencies such as blood sugar, sleep and nutrition. Lacking any of these can cause the most uncomfortable of mental states, not the least of which are anger issues. Taking sufficient care of the body can therefore work wonders in reducing or eliminating irritability.

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