3 New Year’s Resolutions Instant CalMag-C Can Help You Keep

Now that the year in review is essentially behind us, we look forward to creating fresh starts, new goals and better ambitions. New Year’s resolutions are tradition when it comes to this. These are wonderful thoughts on the 31st of December however, come January, they commonly begin to fade. Here are 3 resolutions, however, Instant CalMag-C can help you keep!

3… Weight Loss

Here is, perhaps, the top of New Years resolutions made. Witness the number of gym and diet plan commercials on TV. Many hopefuls join the gym or start a diet program only to find, a few weeks later, their ambitions failing. Is it weakness or lack of will-power? Not really. Factually, it’s the lack of results in doing so coupled with withdrawal symptoms that can make the detox portion of weight loss quite painful. Instant CalMag-C is formulated with this process in mind. Aches, pains and other symptoms experienced in detox and withdrawal from junk foods accompany a depletion of calcium and magnesium. Correct supplementation can help tremendously with that process.

2… Getting in Shape

Many people don’t need to lose weight but just need to get in shape. And, if anyone losing weight can stick it out to reach the goal, they will surely need to think about getting in proper shape next too. It is not all about weight loss. The worst part of getting in shape seems to be recovery from exercise. It can be quite painful. Although many refer to it as “good pain”, it is no picnic to experience. It can effect everything from how your day goes to how well you sleep. These New

Year’s resolutions can be quite difficult to keep as a result. Instant CalMag-C is formulated based on the needs of the muscles and can be a Godsend when it comes to recovery.

1… Recovering from December 31st

In all fairness, these are not technically New Year’s resolutions. Clanging that glass at a midnight toast is preceded by lots of drinking and eating and can leave one feeling awful for longer than just New Year’s Day. The food or alcohol hangover does not have to be the result of way too much consumption. Blood sugar level spikes, fluid depletion and dehydration are all components involved and occur even with a conservative intake. Calcium and magnesium have everything to do with regulation of related body processes. And, it’s fast absorption by the body is key. Coupled with a good hydration regimen, this can make the night of New Year’s resolutions something to remember. And that’s important when it comes to keeping those promises made to yourself and others this coming year!

New Year’s resolutions are not entirely up to you. Resolve to get help!

Here is help with the most popular resolutions and a night of celebration too! Weight loss and getting in shape require help to be successful. Get a trainer, get a plan, but by all means, get your calcium and magnesium in proper amount and proportion – fast! Instant CalMag-C can give you the help you need in doing this.

Make a new resolution to help you keep those other resolutions: Try Instant CalMag-C and find out if this will be the year you make it all the way to your goals. Here’s to your health and wellness this coming year and for many to come!

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