3 Minerals That Are Good Dinner Guests

Set a place card for these 3 minerals this Thanksgiving…


Thanksgiving dinner. How is it that an hour of culinary heaven can become hours of lethargy, bloating, indigestion, carb hangover and weight gain? 3 mineral companions are missing from the guest list.

1. Potassium

Potassium enables vital body function. Electrolytes such as potassium are responsible for numerous functions within the body including hydration, blood acidity levels and blood pressure.

From a list of potassium rich foods can be found many Thanksgiving-worthy sides including spinach, lima beans and winter squash to name but a few. Often overcooked however, these foods offer limited benefit. As carbs can create dehydration, potassium becomes a VIP dinner guest.

2. Magnesium

While magnesium supports many body functions, perhaps the most applicable to the Thanksgiving feast would be the regulation of blood sugar. Potatoes, rolls, desserts, wine and other assorted carbs tend to spike blood sugar levels, especially when magnesium and other minerals are in deficiency. Among many listed symptoms, fatigue is most outstanding, as a tired and exhausted feeling often associated with a Thanksgiving meal. That “coma” you slip into after dinner is a result of blood sugar spikes.

Maintaining magnesium levels can be the difference between a dinner to remember and one you may want to forget.

3. Calcium

Broccoli, spinach, green peas and black-eyed peas are among a host of calcium rich foods, many of which tend to appear at the annual Thanksgiving meal, yet are, according to some experts, becoming less rich in minerals, particularly calcium, due to soil depletion.

Calcium in correct supplement can cause some rather surprising effects even including weight loss, a welcome guest to any dinner party.

A black box warning for your Thanksgiving feast…

Enjoying oneself, splurging, overeating and the like may have side effects, but do not contain a black box warning. Further, due to overcooking and soil depletion, minerals are hard to come by, even in healthy foods. There are a couple of ways to supplement vital minerals. Himalayan sea salt, for instance, provides a host of minerals to even aid digestion, and maintain hydration, a most useful dinner guest.

An extra place setting for Instant CalMag-C is also in order. Calcium and magnesium are quite peculiar when it comes to satisfying the body’s needs. The body requires a strict 2 to 1 ratio and very specific forms of these minerals, a catalyst for their reaction as well as a specific acidity level. Instant CalMag-C is laboratory formulated according to this exact blueprint.

So, set a few more places for these 3 guests this Thanksgiving to make it a feast to remember not one to forget!

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