3 Hidden Benefits of Sleep You Need to Know

While it may be of low priority for many, getting adequate sleep provides 3 major benefits.

Look around and observe what has become of sleep of late. Many think of it as something we lack, have trouble with or wish we had more of. Witness the amount of sleep aids on the market today.

Sleep is more than what Harvard classifies as dealing with “characteristic patterns of brain waves and other physiological functions.” It is a cycle which enables processes to occur without which the body malfunctions. Getting more of it therefore has many benefits of which 3 are paramount.

1. Thinking clearly

Whether behind the wheel or on the job, being able to think, judge and act are of utmost importance. According to the American Sleep Association, “sleep appears necessary for the nervous system to work properly” and “too little sleep leaves us drowsy and unable to concentrate the next day.” Clearly, work and other activities rely inherently on it.

2. Dealing with stress

If you had to deliver an important speech, would you rather tackle it with five or eight hours of sleep? The answer seems obvious but why? Another Harvard study finds a link between sleep and mood, with test subjects reporting, after sleep deprivation, feeling “more stressed, angry, sad, and mentally exhausted” to name but a few. Sleep, conclusively, is a key component of survival, especially during periods of elevated stress.

3. Burning fat and weight loss

Many people feel that when they are on the treadmill or lifting weights, fat burns simultaneously. But, according to Dr Eric Berg in his informative video on stress, “you don’t really burn any of the fat during the day, it’s all at night.” One of your hormones called “growth hormone” is triggered during one period of sleep, without which fat burning would never take place. This makes it a priority for weight loss.

The trouble with sleep is trouble getting it.

So, the solution seems obvious: just get more sleep. For many this is easier to say than do, especially those who suffer from lack of it. In point of fact, 50 to 70 million Americans purportedly suffer from lack of sleep. These difficulties can derive from a multitude of conditions.

Muscles and nerves which cannot relax commonly make for poor sleep conditions. Due to injury, trauma or stress, this is a major factor influencing an ability to get rejuvenating sleep. Whatever the source, isolating factors that inhibit it is necessary to its remedy.

Take action, get sleep and get into action

One body system is at the center of it all: the nervous system. “Sleep helps the nervous system function” according to one observer. Influencing every body function, the nervous system should be in top form.

The body must be relaxed for sleep to occur and it is obvious that tense muscles and stressed nerves can hinder any chance of sufficient amounts of it. Calcium and magnesium are the two minerals which ensure this.

Instant CalMag-C is a calcium and magnesium supplement using very specific forms of these minerals in precision ratio, scientifically formulated to be in-balance for fast absorption into the body to deliver vital support to the nerves, muscles and bones, without which none of these could function.

Good sleep influences mood, stress levels, weight loss and many other functions, all of which are influenced by the nervous system. Wouldn’t it make sense to support it? Use Instant CalMag-C to give it the elements it needs and get on the road to better sleep, better function and a better life!

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