3 Energy Boosters To Keep You Going All Day

Think energy boosters come in a little bottle or can? Think again.

Little bottles and thin cans are quite popular when it comes to boosting energy. But since when are energy boosters expected to be things that artificially create energy, and even then for a mere few hours. Where does all-day, lasting energy come from? Is it a myth? Not quite. Here are 3 energy-boosting activities which have every effect on your energy capacity and endurance.

1. Sleep

It turns out all-day energy starts the night before. Sleep is one of the biggest energy boosters going. Refreshing, rejuvenating sleep does more than make you feel great. Sleep provides everything from tissue regeneration and repair to blood supply. The repairs done to the body during sleep are not only beneficial, they are essential. Energy levels the next day are dependent upon this process.

2. Relaxation

Everyone seems to know rest and relaxation go together. But it’s not just a colloquialism. After all, if the body cannot relax, how will it ever fall asleep. This point can be considered a “pre-requisite” to sleep. Muscles and even nerves play a role in sleep and need to be cared for properly for this to occur. Magnesium is a powerful mineral which makes this possible and in deficiency can become an impossibility.

3. Nutrition

More than just providing nutrients for relaxation and sleep, it is an energy booster. Breakfast, specifically, has been called the most important meal. Therefore making proper choices of what to eat is key. Too many carbs, caffeinated drinks and so-called “energy drinks” can actually be energy killers – largely why they advertise only hours of energy. Getting needed vitamins and minerals is key and, when in ample supply and form.

Real energy boosters are natural and support function.

When it comes down to it, energy does not come from a bottle – it comes from you. Having optimum vitamins and minerals can make for high energy during the day and proper relaxation at night so sleep can occur. And, getting sufficient length and depth of sleep will rebuild tissue and rejuvenate you to be able to continue to have energy the next day. These are the basis of real energy.

One way you can boost your all-day energy is with Instant CalMag-C. Containing a proper combination of calcium, magnesium and vitamin C, it can support relaxation, sleep and supplementing those minerals you may not be getting from diets deficient in minerals. Try Instant CalMag-C and see how you can boost your chances of getting that all-day energy you not only need, but deserve too.

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