3 Common Cold Butt-Kicking Remedies

The tissue box is nearly empty and the common cold has got you pinned. How do you fight back?

While the common cold is just that, common, it doesn’t mean that it is a pleasant experience. And, while you may have heard it just has to “run it’s course” and that you should let it do so, here are three butt-kicking actions you can take.

1. Consider causes and do the opposite.

Causes of the common cold range from lowered resistance from various sources to lack of sleep. Researching common sense causes and doing the opposite may seem over-simplified, but it isn’t a half bad idea. Sleep, for instance, is now reported as a cause and its remedy can be a simple planning to get better sleep. One report even suggests instead of just setting an alarm to get up, set one to remind yourself to go to bed. Other “lacks of” could be similarly isolated and remedied with an opposite action.

2. Eat foods that counter-attack the common cold

As cliche as it has become, did you know that chicken soup is actually a valid cold-fighting food?

According to Dr Mercola, it is among the best of remedies and a host of other foods can be equally as effective, including apple cider vinegar, fermented foods, organic vegetables and the like. Compiling a list of all your favorites among these can make for a cold-fighting menu that is sure to kick butt and the “cold wars” of the season.

3. Get cold-fighting vitamins and minerals in ample supply

It is quite ironic how many people instinctively know that, among all vitamins and minerals, vitamin C is king in both prevention and fighting the common cold yet do nothing to increase their intake of it. This is an obvious one and foods rich in vitamin C are ideal while supplements with a good supply and form of the vitamin can help tremendously when taken properly. Zinc is another mineral which can be found in many foods that is found lacking in those suffering a cold. A host of other vitamins such as D are also helpful in both recovery and prevention.

Kicking butt with the common cold is a 1-2-3 proposition

Once you know the basics, the handling becomes simple: Sleep more, eat better and consume the proper vitamins and minerals. While there are a host of foods you can eat, especially those rich in the proper vitamins and minerals, supplementation can help. Instant CalMag-C is a supplement which can help in such a time of need with 2 of these three “butt-kickers” by helping the body to relax enough to sleep well as well as provide supplemental vitamin C. Try Instant CalMag-C today with your common cold regimen and see what at difference it may make for you.

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