3 Chiropractic Boosters

Chiropractic has proven results for painful conditions but did you know it can be even better?

Chiropractors have been long known to handle many painful conditions. Removing nerve interference, they not only can help alleviate pain, but restore communication within the body. Here are 3 boosters that can bolster those effects.

Therapeutic exercise

One thing about chiropractic care is that there is more time spent living than receiving actual therapy; much more time. Therapeutic exercises prescribed by a doctor to complement chiropractic care can intensify the results as well as create longevity of results; not to mention even shortening the length of corrective therapy.


One thing about chiropractic is that its effects are often dependent on the condition of the body, particularly, the muscles. Trigger points, or “knots” in the muscles can create undue tension which makes it difficult to adjust the spine and keep it in proper position. Massage therapy has proven to be a great complement to chiropractic care in this regard. Adjustments tend to be more effective with muscle tension alleviated.

Calcium and magnesium, of course!

Tense muscles also have their causes. Magnesium deficiency is one of them. A natural relaxant, magnesium helps relax muscles. Additionally, even in the presence of the perfect chiropractic adjustment, nerves yet require calcium and magnesium to function at all. Proper supplementation of thee vital minerals is therefore key and an effective complement to therapy.

A Chiropractor Speaks About Benefits of Instant CalMag-C.


Arm yourself with chiropractic treatment boosters!

By all means insist on therapeutic exercises to do on your own that will help with your chiropractic care. Massage therapy can be an additional boost to help alleviate some tension and let therapy do its job. And, of course, calcium and magnesium supplementation are the foundation on which all of the others rely for their effectiveness.

Getting calcium and magnesium is not always as simple as it sounds. Many forms and brands of them are not in alignment with the exact needs of the body. Ratio, form and pH are a few of the factors involved in making the difference between absorption and use by the body and accumulated, unusable deposits. Instant CalMag-C is a specially-formulated, drinkable supplement based on the body’s exact requirements. Try it today as a supplement to your chiropractic program and see what difference it can make.

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