3 Causes of Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain may be common, but it isn’t normal and can be overcome

Lower back pain is one of the most common health complaints going. Uncomfortable and painful, it yet restricts many from work, free movement or activities they enjoy. With a variety of medications and even surgeries seeming the only alternatives to lower back pain, understanding causes of back pain can present more choices, not only for treatment, but for its elimination.


Compression injuries are causes of lower back pain when discs, the cushion between spinal bones, become compressed and the space between vertebrae is lessened. Nerves in the area are inevitably affected adversely and, can be suppressed from delivering their electrical signals to other parts of the body. Though surgery may sometimes be necessary, nowadays there are many natural, non-invasive alternatives from nutrition to advanced spinal decompression traction.

Nerve interference

While spinal compression can cause such interference, so can displacement of vertebrae. An unnatural positioning of these bones can not only block nerves, it can irritate them, causing pain. Lower back pain is no exception. This is a condition chiropractors commonly treat successfully, reducing and even eliminating such pain.

Improper nerve flow

While you can decompress discs and manipulate the spine back into a proper position, a clear nerve gateway along which energy can flow means little if no energy is being created in the first place. The main culprits for this are calcium and magnesium – absence of. Deficiencies in these vital minerals are a leading culprit for lower back pain.

Getting rid of lower back pain can be simple if you understand its sources

There are many causes of this condition, however, 3 main causes of lower back pain are best investigated first. In any case, minerals such as calcium and magnesium are paramount in all 3 cases. Discs, bones and nerves need these vital minerals to function.

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