3 Athletic Trainer Secrets That Are Game-Changers

Just because your athletic trainer has a secret doesn’t mean you can’t know it.

Anyone using or seeking an athletic trainer is looking for certain qualities. The foremost quality sought is RESULTS. While someone training athletes may not say it, creating champions takes more than just pumping iron. Here are 3 secrets you may not have known about fitness, health and sports.

Getting in top physical shape requires more than a physical approach

This athletic trainer secret is the fact that there are mental elements to top performance and being a champion. Many a coach can attest to the role mentality plays in the performance of their top players. But, even a champion state of mind can be broken by physical aspects such as injuries.

Even health problems such as pain or sleeplessness can come into play. Anything that boosts mental state, therefore, is a successful approach. Exercise, pain relief and physical rehabilitation have the additional benefit of improving mood.

The “inside-out” approach

This may not be an athletic trainer secret so much as an unspoken rule – a given. Nutritional health is becoming ever more popular, even among non-athletes. Just as mental state can affect physical performance, so can nutrition. Depletion of vital nutrients, such as vitamins and minerals, can start an internal chain reaction leading to poor performance. Lowered levels of calcium and magnesium, for instance, can be responsible for muscle and nerve malfunctions. Such conditions can compound. Sleep, for instance, when lacking, can depress mood and even affect workout results.

The possibilities are endless. So, the secret is to make sure the body has everything it needs inside to get in top shape outside.

Preventing injuries before they happen

Sports injuries seem rampant these days. And, it’s not just in professional sports. Physical medicine specialists see a wide variety of patients from the non-athlete, to the “gym rat”, to the professional. And, while the technology of physical rehabilitation continues to improve, the biggest athletic trainer secret is to avoid injury. This does not, however, mean being conservative about training or playing. On the contrary, it can mean even more aggressive performance. The secret is in dead-ending any “physical predisposition” to injury. This can include, but is not limited to, mineral supplementation, vitamin and nutritional regimen and even adequate sleep. Physical, mental and internal regimens are just the ticket to Injury prevention.

An athletic trainer is no guarantee of result…

It is interesting to observe that 3 athletes could experience the same situation and end up with different results. One athlete may experience no injury at all, while another might experience an injury of no consequence. Yet a third may develop a severe condition. Here is predisposition at work. 3 athletes – 3 predispositions (or lack thereof). Mental state, nutrition, sleep, mineral levels, body pH and many other factors can determine the outcome. Top performers and trainers instinctively know this. The majority of people do not.

This pro athlete is a case in point

While there are many examples in the world of sports, one specific case is exemplary. Brian “Pork Chop” Gollnick, an American AAA football hall-of-famer, suffered a grade 3 concussion, an injury that is the subject of much attention of late. What is ironic is that Brian reports that the concussion itself has resulted in a reduced mental state. He claims “anger issues” and anxiety since his injury have compounded the “off-the-field” situation. Coupled with his Restless-Leg-Syndrome and a resultant lack of sleep, it became a viscous cycle which moved him farther from the gridiron – a frustrating situation indeed. The game-changer for him was, ultimately, applying these 3 secrets. He did eventually play again.

Who is the best athletic trainer around?

No athletic trainer can know you better than you can. Knowing your body, your habits and how you feel overall are an index to what results you can expect from training, even if you merely work out at the gym a couple times per week. Of course, you should seek an athletic trainer for help reaching your goals. But, you can help your trainer help you by applying these 3 secrets. Boosting mental disposition, getting top nutritional support and reducing injury predisposition factors are the ticket to getting the most out of your training.

Calcium and magnesium are paramount in muscle, nerve and bone support, all key factors in top performance. Instant CalMag-C is a supplement formulated to provide this exact support. Perhaps no athlete knows this better than Brian Gollnick – he tried it in his determination to get back on the field and got results he wasn’t expecting. The RLS was a factor in itself but compounded his issue by interrupting his sleep. The anger and anxiety were no of great help either. Later he reported “My coach gave me a bottle of Instant CalMag-C. As soon as I started taking it I was able to control the anger – I also slept well and it handled my RLS plus my knees felt better.”

Whether you are a top athlete or a “weekend warrior” of fitness, you now know some athletic trainer secrets which can help you achieve your goals. Try Instant CalMag-C now to see how great those results can be with the proper mineral support you need to be a champion in your own right!

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