2 Minerals Directly Effecting Your Vital Signs

Calcium and magnesium are two minerals that are vital to life.

Most of us know that we need calcium to build healthy bones and teeth and prevent osteoporosis, but calcium and magnesium are a mere two minerals responsible for literally hundreds of body functions.

It’s electric – minerals generate vital electricity

Your nervous system, for instance, cannot function in absence of calcium and magnesium. These minerals are vital to its function. The nervous system uses calcium and magnesium to generate electricity, which is then sent and received by the brain, organs, glands, muscles, body systems, etc. A functioning nervous system is actually a communication system with nerves being the “wires” and the electricity they carry being the “messages”. Again, the minerals calcium and magnesium are vital to this process. Without them, no messages occur anywhere!

The electrical energy travelling along the nerves is possible because of something called the “contract-relax” action of calcium and magnesium working in tandem.

Put a little muscle into your minerals, or vice versa

A better way to understand the dual action of these minerals is in how the muscles of the body work. To do any function from walking to lifting, your muscles need to utilize a combination of contract-relax action. Calcium serves to contract the muscle while magnesium would relax it.


Your heart, being muscle, behaves in exactly this way. If you think of a heartbeat – one of the most vital functions in the body – you have a classic contract-relax action. Once again, calcium contracts while magnesium relaxes this vital muscle.

Muscles and nerves deficient in calcium and magnesium can have very uncomfortable, unpleasant and even annoying symptoms which include, aches, pains, insomnia, anxiety, mood swings and many more.

It is pretty clear that these minerals create the “electricity” vital to life. As you can see, their deficiency causes malfunction with significant side effects.

Minerals depletion: toxins are the biggest culprit

When the body is overloaded with toxins – very common in today’s world – elimination systems are used, such as the skin, bowels, kidneys, lymph system and so on.

Elimination of toxins from the body is called “detoxification” or better known as detox.

As the bombardment of toxins increases, these elimination systems become overloaded and less and less able to cope. So the body’s NEXT mechanism kicks in: the toxic particles are deposited into the fatty tissues – causing further problems such as trouble losing weight.

The detox process itself may burn or use up supply or reserves of calcium and magnesium and can cause a variety of those symptoms discussed earlier which appear in deficiency of these vital minerals.

Many of these toxins may, themselves, cause symptoms upon expulsion. Anesthetics or pain killers, for instance, which had been deposited in the fat, when purged from the body, can have a “repeat effect” creating symptoms. Tiredness, sluggishness or fatigue originally experienced by them can have an echo effect on the way out.

So this makes calcium and magnesium not only vital to proper and ideal body function but especially to the detox process. In other words, calcium and magnesium become even more important during detox than just in living life.

So, how do the minerals calcium and magnesium help with this?

As you may have realized by now, calcium and magnesium are instrumental in reducing the discomfort of detox side-effects. But why?

Calcium, for one, is a natural pain killer. And a most potent one at that – even surpassing morphine in its potency. As a case in point, pharmaceutical grade injectable calcium gluconate is one of the most potent pain killers around.

Pain or symptoms associated with detox tend to succumb to sufficiently-supplemented or supplied calcium and magnesium levels.

Because they support so many body functions, and their deficiency can suppress such function, calcium and magnesium are vital for reducing any unpleasant symptoms that may be experienced.

Sleep, for instance, which is vital for repair of body tissue and cells, is dependent on both calcium and magnesium.

All minerals are not the same

Now, before you run out and pop calcium pills, there are a few things to know about calcium and magnesium, without which, you may end up just as deficient and with all the discomfort you are trying to avert.

The body is very specific when it comes to what it will accept and what it will reject. Calcium gluconate, specifically, is the most recognized by the body. This is why a pharmaceutical grade, injectable is made from calcium gluconate. Its potency is without question.

Further, for calcium to be used by the body it needs magnesium in a 2:1 ratio.

Now, these two minerals are alkaline, which means the opposite of acid. This is not ideal because, too acid or too alkaline and the body will reject them. They must be balanced in a neutral range. To balance the alkalinity, an acid is needed. When in balance, the body can then accept them.


Proper minerals provide minimal discomfort and maximum benefit

The nervous system is a vital part of the human body which is affected significantly is inherently dependent upon calcium and magnesium for function. Especially where toxins are involved, detox symptoms and discomfort are the result of both toxins themselves and depletion of these two vital minerals. Further, the body is very particular in what it needs and must have a specific form and combination of the minerals to even accept them.

Instant CalMag-C is specifically formulated in the laboratory based on what exactly the body will accept and it is designed to be absorbed instantly so that it can go to work on symptoms, fast. It includes minerals in correct form, a proper 2:1 ratio of calcium to magnesium and has vitamin C to serve as a balancing acid. The result is drinkable minerals that go to work on detox symptoms and provide vital nutrients to living function.

Try Instant CalMag-C today and see what life functions may change for the better and which symptoms may be alleviated. The results may surprise you.

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