2 Key Calcium Supplement Factors During Hip Replacement

How one woman used a calcium supplement to make a delicious drink during husband’s hip replacement…

With an impending hip surgery, Christine was sure to keep Instant CalMag-C on hand and in use. Successfully getting through the surgery, she felt compelled to report two key factors.

“First, my husband had total hip replacement and it went beautifully!

“He can walk again — it’s incredible! And we were able to use CalMag-C all the way through.” Though there were various restrictions by the doctors for weeks prior as to ingested foods including, Christine’s husband was yet able to continue using Instant CalMag-C.

“And second, wanted to tell you how we drink it…It’s so yummy!

“We put a heaping teaspoon into the (tempered) glass and then boiling water, stir stir stir. As you suggest online. Then we put two ice cubes into each glass — but not of water, of pure juice of some kind. We like apricot nectar ice cubes, we use a kind that’s only juices, no sugar. Pear juice is really nice too. Then fill with water. It’s so yummy!

“And my husband actually LOVES it.

“And it is the oddest thing — something in your drink makes it go down so well. Taking vitamins with it is great because it helps them get swallowed. It’s like your body is just reaching for it! I can drain a glass in one continuous glug! But usually I don’t because I like the taste so don’t want to hurry it.

“Thank you so much for your wonderful mix” – Christine

Why a calcium supplement needs magnesium to help recovery.

Whether the body is in recovery or just being put to day-to-day use, calcium is well-known to be essential. Muscles, bones and nerves may require calcium supplement for basic operation. Magnesium, though just as important as a mineral, used in hundreds of body processes, has a commonly-overlooked importance: it activates calcium. Calcium and magnesium (in their proper form) are “tandem” minerals, reliant on each other for effectiveness. Recovery from injury or, in many cases, surgery elevates this importance.

The Instant Calmag-C difference as a calcium supplement

Considering there is only one correct form of both calcium and magnesium, as well as the fact that they require a specific acidity to react and activate, just taking any calcium supplement could result in useless “rock” deposits left behind unused in the body. Instant CalMag-C is laboratory-formulated using precise forms of these vital minerals and combined with vitamin C to create the conditions necessary for a supplement that is not only useable by the body, but instantly-absorbed upon consumption.

The result? Just read stories like Christine’s. And, with this drinkable formula, it obviously can be a delicious endeavor.

Of course if you have specific health conditions or are undergoing surgery, do consult your doctor always and keep him or her in the loop.

Try Instant CalMag-C to see what things you may find different. New stories pour in every day about positive “side effects” people weren’t expecting. What will yours be?

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